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The rise of alternatives

Alternative investments have recently become essential components of institutional and private investors' portfolios, due to the following factors:

  1. They have the potential to rise in value regardless of a market backdrop
  2. They provide uncorrelated returns with major asset classes
  3. The short term return outlook of equities and bonds remains unclear

These factors have made it simply impossible for many investors to ignore alternatives.


Fabrice CuchetExecutive Committee CIO
of Alternative Investments

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A long track record based on responsibility and conviction

Candriam Investors Group has been running alternative investment strategies since 1996, steadily innovation and building a wide range of solutions to meet investor's various needs. 

Candriam Investors Group has attained a leading position in the management of regulated alternatives in Europe, with an in-depth understanding of the specificities of its local markets.

Our goal is simple: to identify and exploit inefficiencies across asset classes to provide consistent long-term returns.

All of our alternative investment solutions are grounded in our philosophy: conviction – seizing the best opportunities available on behalf of our clients – and responsibility – acknowledging our full accountability for the performance of their assets.

Independent recognition

Our alternative investment strategies receive regular recognition from major financial publications including Eurohedge, Hedge Fund Manager and Hedge Fund Review.

  • Candriam has been named among the top 50 hedge fund managers in Europe by both Hedge Fund Journal and Institutional Investor each year since these journals began their rankings

A partner you can trust

  • Our solutions are fully in line with UCITS and AIFM regulations
  • We place great importance on risk management, with an independent department ensuring our funds comply with all relevant limits

Our offer

  • 14 strategies in four investment categories: absolute return, alternative assets, external multi-management and alternative solutions
  • Funds grouped into three distinct risk categories: low, medium or high volatility targets
  • Funds with daily, weekly or monthly liquidity
  • Pooled funds, dedicated funds or managed accounts

A distinguished track record

Over the years our alternatives strategies have built up strong risk-adjusted performance track records, with above-average Sharpe ratios.

And thanks to our conviction and responsibility philosophy, they have proved their resilience in difficult market conditions: 55% of our strategies rose in value in 2008, and 64% in 2011.

A team approach

Managing alternative investments is a complex business, and requires more than just a single investment team.

At the heart of our capabilities is a pool of senior fund managers who have been working together for an average of 14 years.

The expert input of a large number of investment specialists and support teams across our company have also been instrumental in our success in this area.

A compelling proposition

We believe there are some excellent reasons to choose Candriam for alternatives:

  • We have been running UCITS-compliant and onshore alternatives solutions since 1996
  • Our boutique alternatives structure is backed up by the strength of a leading European asset manager
  • We have considerable alternatives resources, including 34 experienced fund managers and analysts and 20 people supporting theses teams
  • We provide a wide range of options: 14 strategies across several asset classes, and covering distinct risk and return profiles and liquidity schedules
  • Ability to customise dedicated solutions
  • A strong track record, including in periods of market stress

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